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Professor Gabriela Polit Awarded Research Leave.

Posted: December 5, 2013

Fictions of the Real is the analysis of crónicas (non-fiction works) of a new generation of reporters who write on some of the most devastating problems of the region. Latin America is still one of the most dangerous places for journalists. Given the conditions of vulnerability in which they work and write, a close reading of their narratives combined with a detailed scrutiny of the perils and perks of their work is required. This book will be the first study that contemplates both the direction of the crónica in contemporary Latin America, and the role of journalists in the creation of stronger democracies in the region.

The approach of this project is twofold. On the one hand it will take into consideration the journalists’ affective experiences in their fields of work. The analysis will focus on those encounters that show the journalist’s compassion, fear, caution, and stress. Borrowing categories from contemporary debates on affects and the transmission of affects, this work will see how the journalists’ affective experiences define their narratives. The second part of the project will incorporate ethnographic research to contextualize the narratives and understand the journalists’ experiences in the specific cultural, political, and social contexts where they take place.

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