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Study Abroad Information

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The Department of Spanish and Portuguese considers study abroad an important component of its program to produce culturally literate speakers of Spanish and Portuguese. Moreover, this educational experience abroad constitutes a way for the student to become better prepared for a professional, civic, and social world increasingly shaped by the multicultural and globalized environment of contemporary society.

In Spanish

For this reason we have established summer faculty-led programs for our Spanish students in Córdoba, Argentina, and Santander, Spain. For more information about the Córdoba and Santander programs, including course offerings, prices, and information sessions, click on the SAO faculty-led programs webpage, or visit an academic advisor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.  Deadlines for summer programs are December 1 (for priority consideration), and February 15 (final deadline).
Moreover, the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, in conjunction with the School of Education, the Teresa Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies, and the Mesoamerica Center, offers courses in Antigua, Guatemala. These courses will not only teach Spanish to UT students, but also K’ikche’ or Kaqchikel Maya, Archeology of Mesoamerica, Ancient Maya Writing and History of Guatemala, and Religion and Culture in Latin America. Starting in Fall 2011 the Mesoamerica Center will offer courses on Ancient Maya Writing, History of Guatemala, and Religion and Culture in Latin America; we and other affiliated units will start offering a broader range of courses by 2012. For more information contact Paola Bueche at the Mesoamerica Center in the Department of Art and Art History or, the UT International Office at (512) 471-2477.

In Portuguese

For our Portuguese students we have a summer Faculty-led program in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. For more information about the Salvador da Bahia program, click on the SAO faculty-led programs webpage or visit an academic advisor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese.  Deadlines for summer programs are December 1 (for priority consideration), and February 15 (final deadline).

In addition, The University of Texas at Austin offers a variety of opportunities to enroll in other summer and semester-long programs that are coordinated between UT and Brazilian universities. More information can be obtained by visiting the Brazil Center webpage.

The Educational and Professional Role of Study Abroad Programs

These programs are designed to provide UT students with a stellar academic experience and an opportunity to directly engage with their language and culture of study. The department also coordinates programs that allow students to spend a semester, or even a year, at universities abroad. Be sure to inquire about both summer and long-term programs.

The departmental undergraduate advising office (BEN 2.108) is the optimal first point of contact for interested students. Departmental advisors can help you plan curriculum as well as alert you to the availability of scholarship funds to help pay for your program abroad. (They also conduct information sessions at various times during each fall and early spring semesters.)

Registration is facilitated through an on-line portal on the Study Abroad Office website,

There is a wide array of course offerings, ranging from intensive second-year Spanish to advanced culture and literature courses. Study abroad provides an ideal opportunity to focus on language skills. For students interested in improving their written Spanish, we offer SPN 327G (Advanced Grammar and Composition). Another option is to spend the first summer session at one of our sites focusing on language skills, and then to register for a literature and a culture course at another site in the second session. In this way students can progress from intermediate language learner to advanced over the course of one summer. Program dates correspond closely to the two summer sessions at UT, making possible the combination of a summer session abroad with a second session in Austin. Students can earn up to 12 semester hours of credits for a cost comparable to the expense of studying in Austin. Grades earned this way, as well as semester credit hours, are considered in-residence study at UT Departmental advisors familiar with the programs will be happy to assist in the registration process, and UT faculty knowledgeable about the academic needs of our students will be on site in all programs, teaching one course and coordinating syllabi, and course requirements for the others. Most programs also include courses in subjects other than literature and language. These may be taught in English.

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese also has a long-standing exchange program with Universitat de les Illes Balears, in Palma de Mallorca, Spain; the Universidad de Jaén, also in Spain; the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil; and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, in Santiago, Chile.

Through these exchange programs, students pay the customary UT tuition and fees with no need to pay additional tuition at the host institution abroad. For example, if a student wished to spend a year at the university in Palma de Mallorca, she would first visit the undergraduate advisors in BEN 2.108 for assistance. During the registration period prior to the semester abroad, she would register for study abroad at UT, then travel to Palma to study there. Once in Palma, the student would select courses from the offerings of the entire university, including disciplines other than modern languages.

Additional Information and Links

The University of Texas at Austin has additional exchange programs in Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries, searchable through the Study Abroad Office website.

Here is a list of all programs offering courses in Spanish and/or Portuguese.

This search pulls a list of all programs offering coursework in the target languages.

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