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Honors Program

Completing Departmental Honors in Spanish or Portuguese


Departmental honors in Spanish or Portuguese offers majors more advanced and independent study than is possible under the regular degree plan.  Early advising from the both the honors advisor and a departmental advisor is recommended in order to plan the student's program of study. However, students will have to meet certain prerequisites to begin the program.

In general, students should feel comfortable with written and spoken Spanish before enrolling in honors courses.  Most students start the thesis courses (SPN/POR 679HA and SPN/POR 679HB) in their senior year (one each semester).  Courses may only be taken in the fall and spring semesters. 

Admission requirements for the Spanish or Portuguese Departmental Honors Program

  • University GPA of at least 3.0
  • Upper division Spanish GPA of at least 3.5
  • Upper division standing
  • SPN 327G, 327W plus 9 additional hours of upper division Spanish completed

    or in progress at the time of application, or POR 362, plus 12 additional hours of

    upper division POR completed or in progress at the time of application

  • Application filed with Honors Advisor through the Academic Advising office

The Honors Thesis

  • In order for students to complete an Honors Thesis, students must first be accepted into the honors program
  • The thesis application (separate from the honors application) must be reviewed and discussed before a student will be allowed to begin the thesis work
  • The discussion that ensues to complete the application should include the selection of the topic for the student's thesis
  • The chosen topic will be related to literature, cultural studies and/or linguistics
  • The Faculty Honors Advisor will guide the process and will help the student choose an appropriate director for the thesis
  • The primary faculty director must be in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • Students will normally choose a second reader; if appropriate, the second reader may be outside the department of Spanish and Portuguese
  • The thesis may be written in English or Spanish, to be discussed in consultation with the faculty advisor
  • The thesis is generally around 60 pages long
  • Once a student has a director and a topic selected, s/he will return the thesis application form signed by both the honors advisor and the thesis director
  • The registration process must be completed before the 12th class day

Requirements for Graduating with Honors in Spanish or Portuguese

To graduate with departmental honors, students must:

  • Complete the honors thesis with grades of A (A- is not acceptable) in each semester (SPN/POR 679HA and SPN/POR 679HB)
  • Maintain overall university GPA of at least 3.0
  • Maintain upper division Spanish GPA of at least 3.5
  • Complete 60 semester hours of credit in residence
  • Complete 27-30 semester hours of coursework required for the SPN or POR major
  • Participate in research week
  • Complete an honors thesis examination (mini defense)

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