Ethnic and Third World Literature
Ethnic and Third World Literature

Lisa L Moore

Ph.D., 1991, Cornell University

Lisa L Moore



UGS 302 • Feminism Now-W

64550 • Fall 2009
Meets TTH 1100-1230pm MAI 220B

UGS 302 (64550)—First-Year Signature Course-W
TTH 11-12:30
MAI 220B
Professor Lisa L. Moore (English and Women’s and Gender Studies)
Office hours: TTH 2-3:30 PAR 217

Are you a feminist? Why or why not? In this course, you will learn about the
history and principles of feminism as a social movement, an academic discipline,
and a political theory, and you will have the opportunity to put your own values
into action by creating a community engagement project with a small group of
students. Through reading, research, reflection, writing, and action, we will
discover the ways that feminism can be put to everyday use as well as be a
source of ongoing intellectual challenge. Students can expect to read the
classics of feminist theory, meet feminist scholars on campus, and interact with
community leaders working on gender issues.
The course has several goals: to offer students the opportunity to read classic
and contemporary works of feminist writing; to have students design and execute
a community engagement project; and to improve analytical and critical skills
through writing, discussion, oral presentation and project design.


  Transatlantic Feminisms






Eds. Lisa L. Moore, Joanna Brooks, Caroline Wigginton

Transatlantic Feminisms in the Age of Revolutions

Oxford University Press

  Sister Arts






Lisa L. Moore

Sister Arts: The Erotics of Lesbian Landscapes

University of Minnesota Press
Lambda Literary Award in LGBT Studies
Finalist, Publishing Triangle Judy Grahn Award


  Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic








Eds. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Lisa L. Moore, and Sharon Bridgforth

Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic: Art, Activism, Academia and the Austin Project

University of Texas Press

  Dangerous Intimacies







Lisa Moore

Dangerous Intimacies: Toward a Sapphic History of the British Novel

Duke University Press







Creative Writing

Lisa Moore






Ongoing Columns

Poetry contributor at the Los Angeles Review of Books

Contributor at The Women’s Review of Books


Poems and Essays

"Kenneth Lanphier, 48: Hobbs, NM."

“Moan and Low.” Poem. Tinderbox Poetry Journal, 2015.

“Epithalamion,” “Football,” “Highwood River Swimming Hole,” “Branding Time, 1979.” White Wall Review, 2015.

“Raising White Men,” “Home Safety,” “I Think You Know,” “Narrow Rooms,” “Nephews.” Poems. Halvard Johnson’s Truck, April 5, 2015. 

“El Refugio, Texas.” Poem. Anchor Magazine, Issue 3, Spring 2015.

“Cold Garden.” Poem. Ostrich Review 6.2.

“Raising White Men.”  Poem.  Blog This Rock, Dec.. 10 2014.

“On Judy Grahn’s `Mental.””  Essay.  Short Takes on Long Poems volume 5, at Length Magazine, 7 April 2014.

“Epithalamion.”  Poem.  Codex Journal, December 24, 2013.

“Cowgirl Filibuster:  Couplets for Heroic Texas Women.”  Poem. Split This Rock Poem-of-the-Week, July 5 2013.  Reprinted on Alice Walker, The Official Website, 9 Poetic Fingers, and Split This Rock Poetry Database,

“The Dream of a Common Bookstore.”  Essay.  Los Angeles Review of Books, 20 April 2013.  Cited in Shelf Awareness.

“Sister Arts:  On Adrienne Rich, Audre Lorde, and Others.” Essay.  Los Angeles Revew of Books, 11 February 2013.  Cited in Harriet, the Blog (National Poetry Foundation),, Feministing (three mentions).

“Anthropomorphic Harp.”  Poem.  ISSUE, the Arts Magazine of the Art Studio, Inc., Beaumont, Texas.

“Do You Have To Be Gay To Take This Class?” and “Lessons from LGBT Lit.”  Poems.  Megan Volpert, ed.  This Assignment is So GayLGBTIQ Poets on the Art of Teaching.  Alexander, Ark.:  Sibling Rivalry Press, 2013.

Landscape.” Poem.  Lavender Review 5 (Summer 2012). Reprinted in Poetry at Round Top 2012.  Round Top, TX:  Poetry at Round Top Festival Institute, 2012, 39.

“Meditation for After an Earthquake.”  Poem and visual art collaboration with artist Joel Haber. Broadsided Japan Issue (June 2011): < >.

“Cinnamon Rolls,” “Acts of Devotion,” and “Baby-Daddy.”  Poems.  Sinister Wisdom 83 (Summer 2011): 60-65.

“Epiphanies Lost and Found.”  Personal essay.  The Austin Project Archive: Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic.  Eds. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Lisa L. Moore, and Sharon Bridgforth. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2010. 328-337.

“The Body Remembers.”  Poem.  The Austin Project Archive: Experiments in a Jazz Aesthetic.  Eds. Omi Osun Joni L. Jones, Lisa L. Moore, and Sharon Bridgforth.  Austin: University of Texas Press, 2010. 120-123.

“My Homosexual Agenda.”  Personal essay.  Burnt Orange Britannia: British Studies at the University of Texas.  Ed. Wm. Roger Louis.  London: I.B. Tauris, 2005.  866-880.



Everyone and Their Mother:  Sibling Rivalry Press Reading.  Association of Writers and Writing Programs Conference.  The Nightlife Lounge, Seattle, Washington, February 28 2014.

Featured Poet, BookWoman Monthly Reading Series, Austin, Texas, April 11 2013.

Featured Poet, Skanky Possum Reading Series, Austin, Texas, August 2011.



Keynotes and Invited Lectures:

“Lesbian Genders,” Keynote Lecture, “Genders’ Future Tense” Conference, University of Colorado-Boulder, February 27-28 2015.

“A Lesbian History of the Sonnet,” Center for the Study of Sexual Cultures Speaker Series, University of California-Berkeley, November 4 2014.

“Poetry of Heroism:  The Poetic Origins of Feminist Theory,” Buckner Lecture, The University of North Carolina-Wilmington, March 18, 2013.

“Queer Poetics:  The Sonnet in a Lesbian Landscape,” Keynote Lecture, British Women Writers Conference, The University of Colorado (Boulder), June 2012.

“The Swan of Litchfield, Connecticut: Sarah Pierce and Lesbian Pastoral Poetry,” Plenary Address, Queer People Conference IV: New Directions in the Histories of Sexualities, 1280-1868, Christ’s College, Cambridge, UK, July 2006.

“The Honied Dew: Sarah Pierce and the Lesbian Landscape,” University of North Texas, Denton, TX, October 2006.

“Pen and Phil: Collective Biography and Eighteenth-Century Visual and Sexual Cultures,” The Queer’s English Conference, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, November 2004. 

“Queer Gardens: Mary Delany’s Sapphic Designs,” Rice University Center for the Study of Cultures, Houston, TX, April 2001; 

“Cold War Lesbianism and Literary History: Mary Renault,” State University of New York at Stony Brook, March 1999.   

“Romance, Realism and Romantic Nationalism,” The University of Colorado at Boulder, March 1998.

“Nationalism and Sexuality in the National Tale,” Miami University, Oxford, OH, February 1997;

“The Sexual Politics of Romantic Nationalism,” Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, November 1996.


Conference Presentations:

“Queer Time:  Re-Dating the Romantic Sonnet Revival,” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Los Angeles, California, March 2015.

“Milton, Seward and the Sonnet of Loss,” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Los Angeles, California, March 2015.

“Women’s Land and Lesbian Landscapes in Garden History,” Disciples of Flora:  Gardens in History and Culture Conference, The University of Florida, Gainesville, Feb. 21-22, 2013.

“Virtual Delville as Feminist Research,” 18th- and 19th-Century Women Writers Conference, College Station, TX, Texas A&M University, April 2010.

“Listening to Gossip in the Queer Archive,” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies,Richmond, VA, March 2009.  Similar material presented at:  Society of American Archivists, Austin, TX, August 2009.

“Transatlantic Synaesthesia,” Modern Language Association, San Francisco, CA, December 2008.

“Portland: The Dutchess, The Museum And The Vase, Or. The Duchess of Portland in Portland,” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, Portland, OR, March 2008.

“Queer Studies in Texas,” Modern Language Association, Chicago, IL, December 2007.

“Mrs. Delany and Her Circle” workshop, Sir John Soanes Museum, London, UK, July 2007. Sponsored by the Yale Center for British Art.

“Landscapes in Motion: Eroticism and Exchange Among Women Artists,” Modern Language Association, Philadelphia, PA, December 2006.

“The Sapphic Picturesque in Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics,” Clark Institute for Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, March 2000;

“Framing Sappho in Eighteenth-Century Literature and Aesthetics,” Modern Language Association, Chicago, IL, December 1999.

“‘American Tribes’ and English Feminists in the Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic World,” Modern Language Association, New York, NY, December 2002. 

“Mary Renault: The Aesthetics of Bad Politics,” Modern Language Association, San Francisco, CA, December 1998.

“Queering the Eighteenth-Century Landscape,” American Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, South Bend, IN, April 1998.

“Problematizing Romantic Friendship,” CUNY Lesbian and Gay History Conference, October 1995.

“The Sexual History of Romantic Friendship,” Modern Language Association, San Francisco, CA, December 1991.


University of Texas at Austin Lectures/Presentations:

“The Austin Project as Lesbian Archive,” Performing Lesbian Archives Conference, Theatre and Dance, March 2011.

“Sister Arts: The Erotics of Lesbian Landscapes,” British Studies Program, January 2011.

“Why Bloomsbury Still Matters,” British Studies Program, October 2009.

“Effective Teaching,” British Studies Program, October 2009.

“Listening to Gossip in the Queer Archive,” Symposium for History, Gender and Sexuality, November 2009.

“British Print Culture in the 1760s,” Institute for Historical Studies workshop, September 2008.

“Your Beauty,” Commencement Address, First Annual Lavender Graduation, May 2008.

“My Homosexual Agenda,” Faculty Seminar on British Studies, October 2003.

“‘American Tribes’ and English Feminists in the Eighteenth-Century Transatlantic World,” Flashpoints Conference in Women’s and Gender Studies, October 2002.

“Remembering 1798,” Faculty Seminar in British Studies, October 1998.

“British Studies--Lesbian Studies: A Dangerous Intimacy?” Faculty Seminar in British Studies, March 1998.

“Confessions of a Mammalian Orchid,” Response to talk by Elizabeth Grosz, September 1997.

Additional Publications

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

Virtual Delville as Archival Research:  Rendering Women’s Garden History Visible.” Visualizing the Archive.  Spec. issue of Poetess Archive Journal  2.1 (2010).

''Queer Gardens: Mary Delany's Flowers and Friendships,'' Eighteenth Century Studies (October 2005).

''Lesbian Migrations: Mary Renault's English Novels.'' GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2003. pgs. 23-46.

''Acts of Union: Sexuality and Nationalism, Romance and Realism in the Irish National Tale.'' Cultural Critique, 2000.

''`Something More Tender Still Than Friendship': Romantic Friendship in Early Nineteenth Century England.'' Feminist Studies, 1991.

''`She Was Too Fond of Her Mistaken Bargain': Gender and Sexuality in Feminist Theory,'' diacritics, 1991.

“Sexual Agency in Manet's Olympia.”  Textual Practice 3.2 (June 1989): 222-233.


Book Chapters

“The Swan of Litchfield: Sarah Pierce and the Lesbian Landscape Poem.”  Long Before Stonewall: Histories of Same-Sex Sexuality in Early America.  Ed. Thomas A. Foster.  New York: NYU Press, 2007.  253-276.

''Teledildonics: Virtual Lesbians in the Fiction of Jeannette Winterson.'' In Grosz, ed., Sexy Bodies: Towards a Corporeal Feminism. Routledge, 1994.



“Subverting the Girlie Calendar: February.”  Column. Ms. Magazine Blog, Feb. 1, 2015.

(With Paige Schilt). “Embrace Family Diversity Sooner.” Op-Ed.  Austin American-Statesman, Dec. 27, 2014, p. A16.

“The Dangers of Mansplaining Abortion.”  Ms. Magazine Blog, October 27 2014.

“Homophobia is Not a Thing of the Past.” Op Ed.  Pacific Standard: The Science of Society, October 20 2014.

“A welcome mix of football and feminism at UT.”  Op-Ed.  The San Antonio Express-News, October 3 2014.

“An Almost Unheard Low Note:  An Interview with Minnie Bruce Pratt.”  Los Angeles Review of Books, 25 August 2014.