Why Economic Aid is More Effective at Promoting Democratic Transitions: Reassessing the Political Impacts of Japanese Aid

A talk by Dr. Dennis Patterson

Fri, March 29, 2013 | BAT 5.108

1:00 PM

Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) was long criticized for its low quality, but more recent investigations have shown it to be less economically self-interested and more sensistive to humanitarian goals than originally thought. This is an important debate to be sure, but it does not directly address the actual political impacts that ODA has had on recitient countries. This research addresses this question showing that Japanese ODA, even though it was designed to promote its own economic interests, did help promote democratic politics in some recipient nations, We demonstrate this democracy promoting impact by, first, developing a theory of how foreign econimc aid encourages democratic political development and (concolidations) in authoritarian nations, and, second, testing it using the economic and political experience of post-armistice Korea. 


Dr. Dennis Patterson is Associate Professor and Chair of Department of Political Science at Texas Tech University. 

Sponsored by: Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Centennial Professorship and the Department of Government

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