Chiu-Mi Lai

Senior LecturerPh.D., University of Washington


  • Phone: 512-475-6054
  • Office: WCH 5.112
  • Office Hours: Spring 2016: Monday 1-3pm or Friday 1-2pm by appointment only
  • Campus Mail Code: G9300


Courses taught:
Undergraduate: Ideas and Concepts in Classical Chinese Literature; Decoding Classical Chinese Poetry; Communion with Nature in Traditional Chinese Literature; Identity and Memory in Asian American Literature; Why Chinese Has No Alphabet; Senior Seminar: Let Me Tell You About Asia: Perceptions of Asia in Fiction, Travelogues, and Memoirs; ideas and Concepts in Classican Chinese Literature; China's Great Wall and Silk Road Literature

Graduate: Asian Studies Academic Writing (for non-native speakers of English)

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