Kirsten Cather

Associate ProfessorPh.D., University of California, Berkeley

Kirsten Cather


  • Phone: 512-471-0031
  • Office: WCH 4.112
  • Office Hours: Spring 2016: TTh 11-12:30 or by appointment
  • Campus Mail Code: G9300


modern Japanese literature and film; censorship, suicide, and death in modern Japan; adaptations; translation theory and practice


Courses taught:

Lower-Division: “Introduction to Japanese Film” (ANS 301M); “Introduction to Japan” (ANS 302J).

Upper-Division: “Modern Japanese Literature in Translation” (ANS 361); “From Genji to Godzilla: Adaptations of the Japanese Classics”(ANS 320), “Suicide in Japanese Fiction” (ANS 361; Substantial Writing Component); "Art of Autobiography in Japan" (ANS 379).

Graduate: “Japanese Literature, Criticism, and Theory,” (ANS 383/JPN 384), “Readings in Japanese Literature“ (JPN 384), “Readings in Japanese: 20th Century Intellectuals” (JPN 384), “The Practice and Theory of Censorship” (ANS 390/CL 382), “Reading Japanese Literature in Japanese” (JPN 384/JPN 330).

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