Robert M Oppenheim

Associate ProfessorPh.D., University of Chicago


  • Phone: 512-471-7279
  • Office: WCH 5.134
  • Office Hours: Spring 2016: Tuesday 12:30-2; Thursday 3:30-5
  • Campus Mail Code: G9300


Korean anthropology and history; science/tech/society; heritage; objects/materiality; history of anthropology


Courses taught:

Undergraduate: Introduction to Korean Culture and History; Two Koreas and the US; Ritual and Religion in Korea; Science, Technology, and Society in Contemporary Asia; Capitalism, Consumption, and Civil Society in Korea; Korean Anthropologies; Self and Culture in North Korea; Big Asian Histories; Transnational Korea

Graduate: Space-/Place-Making in East Asia; Anthropology of East Asia; Colonialism and Korea; Proseminar in Asian Studies; Frames of Korean Studies


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