Jennifer Tipton, Graduate Coordinator for the Department of Asian Studies, has been named the Outstanding Graduate Coordinator for 2014

Wed, April 2, 2014

The Outstanding Graduate Coordinator Award recognizes a graduate coordinator for distinguished service in support of the graduate adviser and other faculty in the administration of a graduate program.

Department Chair Martha Selby writes, “in my earlier role as Graduate Adviser, I realized very quickly that I could not perform my duties without Jennifer. Her excellent communication skills, coupled with an innate teaching ability, made it possible for me to understand the intricacies of the Graduate School and the University's complicated bureaucracy. I could not have asked for better instruction.”

Both faculty and students have praised Jennifer for her commitment to graduate students, as well as her organizational skills. Doctoral Candidate Dean Accardi stated that Jennifer played a major role in recruiting him to UT Austin, and continued to be an invaluable resource throughout his time at the University. Accardi recalls when he was overseas on dissertation research and needed letters of introduction from faculty to access research archives, “ within 24 hours of contacting Jennifer, she would have these documents emailed to me or faxed directly to the archives, allowing me to conduct research without losing any time. This was invaluable to me while I conducted research in Kashmir.”

Oliver Freiberger, an Associate Professor in the Department of Asian Studies stated, “one thing that makes Jennifer’s performance so outstanding is that she foresees trouble and takes action proactively. Many issues are resolved before they can even become problems. She coordinates our graduate programs exquisitely on all levels.”

In addition to her work in her department, Jennifer is an active member of the Graduate Coordinator Network (GCN), where she serves as an elected member of the Executive Committee. She is also the Chair of the Mentor Committee, and she is the GCN Historian.

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