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Patricia Roberts-Miller

ProfessorPh.D., Rhetoric, 1987, University of California, Berkeley

Patricia Roberts-Miller


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  • Office: PAR 21
  • Office Hours: M1-3; T 10-12; also by appointment


History, theory, and pedagogy of public argumentation.


Trish Roberts-Miller is a Professor in the Department of Rhetoric and Writing.  She received her Ph.D., in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley and taught at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro as well as the University of Missouri-Columbia before coming to UT Austin in 2000.


E 387M • Rhe/Wrt: Comp In 20th-21st Cen

35055 • Spring 2015
Meets TTH 930am-1100am CBA 4.338

This class has three main goals: first, to give students an overview of where the field(s?) of writing studies stand at this point; second, to teach students methods of inferring where a "conversation" is in a given discipline; third, to give students the skills that will enable them to explore methods of inferring academic genres, and consider strategies for explicit instruction in academic writing.

Students will write several short assignments, such as: close imitations of introductions from various journals; close analysis of metadiscourse in articles; literacy narratives; reviews of journals; research questions; research calendars. Students will also write a long (5000 word) review article, critical literature review, prospectus, research proposal, or research paper.


Hyland, Ken. Disciplinary Discourses.

            Disciplinary Identities.

Swales, John. Academic Writing for Graduate Students.

            Genre Analysis.

Various authors on procrastination, time management, gender and academia, writing program administration.

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