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GRE Scores and Subject Test in Literature

Official GRE General Test score reports not more than five years old must be submitted to GIAC.

Although a poor score will not keep an otherwise outstanding applicant from admission, successful candidates typically have GRE verbal scores above the 90th percentile.  That said, most graduate faculty want to see a (variously defined) “good” performance on the GRE and are not unduly influenced by higher levels of distinction. 

Subject Test in Literature

The Literature in English subject test is required for all English literature applicants, except for applicants to the Rhetoric and Digital Literacies fields.

Since students must be ready for early-stage doctoral work upon arrival, little graduate course work can be dedicated to filling in gaps in literary history.  Yet everyone has gaps and, in our program, they address them as part of their teaching preparation for service as teaching assistants in our undergraduate “Masterworks” lectures.  In our Program’s educational context, Subject Test scores ought arguably to display a practicable familiarity with the traditions of English and American literature.  Questions about applicant readiness tend to be raised when scores are below the 60th percentile.  

When arranging for the submission of your scores, be sure to enter the University code, not the Department code. 

  • The UT Institution code is 6882.

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