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Digital Literacies and Literatures

Information technologies are effecting changes in virtually every aspect of intellectual, social, and cultural life. They are changing the ways we produce and consume texts, the ways we conduct research, the ways we interact with friends and family, and the ways we communicate, collaborate, and argue. In short, digital technologies have reconfigured the possibilities for making, exploring, changing, and sharing the world.

In the Digital Literacies and Literatures concentration, students attend to the very different ways in which we are asked to negotiate with each other, with information, with expression, and with power. They learn how to find, produce, analyze, evaluate, and share information in various digital formats; they investigate the material properties and affordances of information technologies; they gain experience managing and synthesizing multiple streams of simultaneous, multimodal information; and they engage with these twenty-first century literacies in practical, pedagogical, historical, and theoretical contexts, continually assessing the impact of the technologies they're using on the construction of their objects of study and the field of inquiry itself.


  • Baker, Sam
  • Bremen, Brian
  • Boyle, Casey
  • Bump, Jermone
  • Charney, Davida
  • Cohen, Matt
  • Davis, Diane
  • Faigley, Lester
  • Hinrichs, Lars
  • Hutchison, Coleman
  • Kevorkian, Martin
  • Ruszkiewicz, John
  • Spinuzzi, Clay
  • Syverson, Margaret

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