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Research and scholarship in drama ranges across the British and American traditions, and extends into world drama, with particular strengths in the Renaissance and Modern periods.   Much drama research being conducted in the department lies in the Renaissance period with a focus on dramatic texts by major Elizabethan and Jacobean playwrights, extending beyond Shakespeare to include the work of figures such as Marlowe, Middleton and Webster (Barrett, Bruster, Cullingford, Friedman, Loehlin, Mallin, Rebhorn, Richmond-Garza, Scala, Whigham, Wojciehowski). Scholarship in this area has been especially attentive to questions of history, material culture, and textual scholarship (Bruster, Rebhorn, Whigham).  The richness of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century drama, both as texts and as productions, has expanded in recent years with particular emphasis on ethics and the history of science (Hedrick), philosophy (Kornhaber) and melodrama and gender/sexuality (MacKay, Richmond-Garza).  A diverse group of scholars concentrates on exploring the performative and literary implications of modern drama, especially in the Anglo-American tradition (Bruster, Friedman, Kornhaber, Loehlin), but with strengths also in Irish (Cullingford, Friedman) and Comparative European (Friedman, Kornhaber, Loehlin, Richmond-Garza).

Students in this concentration focus primarily on the Anglophone tradition and employ a variety of methodologies ranging from historicism, to performance theory, to the history of performance, to archival textual analysis.


  • Barret, J.K.
  • Bruster, Douglas
  • Cullingford, Elizabeth
  • Friedman, Alan
  • Hedrick, Elizabeth
  • Kornhaber, David
  • Loehlin, James
  • MacKay, Carol
  • Mallin, Eric
  • Rebhorn, Wayne
  • Richmond-Garza, Elizabeth
  • Whigham, Frank
  • Wocjiehowski, Hannah Chapelle

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