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Poetry and Poetics

The Poetry and Poetics concentration stresses poiesis--the making or doing or performing of literature. Specifically, it focuses on theories pertaining to the nature, composition, rhetoric, and criticism of poetry--i.e., the principles that govern poetry and that distinguish it from other creative activities. Although the concentration is designed for scholars intent on critical reading rather than for creative writers, Poetry and Poetics courses may often be of interest to students in the M.F.A. Program in Creative Writing. Indeed, some Poetry and Poetics courses are taught by creative writers.

Faculty includes: Kurt Heinzelman, Brian Bremen, Andrew Cooper, Elizabeth Cullingford, Geraldine Heng, Meta Jones, Judith Kroll, Elizabeth Richmond-Garza, John Rumrich, Tom Whitbread, David Wevill.


  • Baker, Samuel
  • Bremen, Brian A.
  • Cullingford, Elizabeth Butler
  • Heinzelman, Kurt
  • Heng, Geraldine
  • Hutchison, Coleman
  • Jones, Meta DuEwa
  • Kroll, Judith
  • Richmond-Garza, Elizabeth M.
  • Rumrich, John P.
  • Walker, Jeffrey
  • Wevill, David A.
  • Whitbread, Thomas B.
  • Young, Dean
To view the faculty profiles, please visit the Poetry and Poetics faculty listing.

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