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Professor Lisa Moore wins Liberal Arts Council Faculty Endowment Award

Thu, May 2, 2013
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore

The Department of English congratulates Professor Moore for winning a Liberal Arts Council Faculty Endowment Award.

This award is given to four tenure or tenure-track professors in the College of Liberal Arts. Recipients of this award demonstrate outstanding teaching ability and a commitment to their students and the College. The Liberal Arts Council accepted student nominations and then made selections based on the nominee's character, classroom interactions, and personal achievements.

The Liberal Arts Council serves as the official voice for students in the College of Liberal Arts, the largest student population at the University of Texas. They represent students in academic affairs as one of the voting bodies in the Senate of College Councils and act as a liaison between students and administration. Their mission is to ensure that the opinions and concerns of students in the college are heard. The Council provides students with community service opportunities, connects students with faculty in social and academic settings, and prepares students for the professional world. Through these programs, lectures, and other activities, LAC works to build community within the college and create a small college experience at UT.

You can find out more about the Liberal Arts Council here.

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