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Professor Elizabeth Scala and Professor Lars Hinrichs have both won Humanities Research Awards

Thu, March 20, 2014

Congratulations to Professor Elizabeth Scala and Professor Lars Hinrichs, both of whom have been awarded Humanities Research Awards from the UT College of Liberal Arts. Dr. Scala and Dr. Hinrichs will both receive $5,000 a year in research funds for a period of three years to complete their work.

In the past, four English Department professors have been awarded Humanities Research Awards. This is the first time the English Department has won two.

With the funding, Dr. Scala will work on penning two books, the first a text on formerly unacknowledged connections between Chaucer’s and Shakespeare’s works, and the second a broader general-audience book on early modern printing, which will illustrate the ways in which medieval manuscripts were transformed into books by printers, publishers and booksellers in this period. 

Dr. Hinrichs will focus on advancing the work of the Texas English Project, which aims to discover how regional and, especially, social issues relate to differences in dialect in Texas. Building on previous work, the next project phase will deepen existing knowledge about variation and change in Texas English (TxE). Dr. Hinrichs will work to develop and launch a public project website; he also plans to work on a book about TxE.

You can learn more about the Humanities Research Awards and past recipients here:

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