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Professor Allen MacDuffie receives a teaching award and a course development award

Wed, May 28, 2014

The Department of English congratulates Professor Allen MacDuffie on not one, but two recent awards! Firstly, Professor MacDuffie has received the Liberal Arts Student Council Endowed Teaching Award, a student-nominated teaching award that comes with a $3,000 prize.

Secondly, Professor MacDuffie has won a New Course Development Award from the Center for the Core Curriculum, the Sanger Learning Center, and the Office of Sustainability.

"MacDuffie is one of three professors from The University of Texas at Austin to win the $6,000 New Course Development Award for his course titled Sustainability and Representation, which examines society’s response to environmental challenges, such as over-fishing, climate change and the hazardous buildup of atmospheric C02. The course takes as its starting premise the notion that the arts and humanities have a crucial role to play in fostering environmental awareness, and in influencing the wider cultural discussion about the threatened habitats and resources of the natural world.”

You can read more about this award here:

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