Department of English

Professor Ann Cvetkovich interviewed as a part of the CBC Radio program, Ideas from the Trenches

Wed, June 11, 2014

Professor Ann Cvetkovich has been featured on an episode of "Ideas from the Trenches," a novel CBC Radio program that aims to shine a light on individual graduate students’ research and to make the sometimes esoteric topics at hand not only educational, but also accessible and entertaining to the general public. The program spends an hour on each project it features, interviewing not only the student doing the work, but also multiple scholars whose areas of expertise are pertinent to the student’s research. In Dr. Cvetkovich’s case, her body of work proved an important resource for Stephen Wittek, this hour’s featured scholar. Wittek, a post-doctoral candidate at McGill University, “studies how theatrical plays in Elizabethan England fed the growth of modern news culture and the existence of an ongoing public conversation.”

You can listen to the full show, including Ann Cvetkovich’s interview, here.

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