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Zoltan Barany

ProfessorPh.D., University of Virginia

Professor, Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Centennial Professor
Zoltan Barany



Professor Barany’s research and writing have focused on military politics, military sociology, and democratization globally throughout his career.  His early scholarship was also concerned with ethnopolitics (particularly the Gypsies/Roma) and East European politics more generally.  His current research projects include a book on Arab armies (co-authored with Philippe Droz-Vincent of the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Grenoble) and learning about the on-going political transition in Burma/Myanmar.

He is the author of How Armies Respond to Revolutions and Why (Princeton, 2016); The Soldier and the Changing State: Building Democratic Armies in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas (Princeton, 2012); Democratic Breakdown and the Decline of the Russian Military (Princeton, 2007); The Future of NATO Expansion (Cambridge, 2003); The East European Gypsies: Regime Change, Marginality, and Ethnopolitics (Cambridge, 2001); and Soldiers and Politics in Eastern Europe, 1945-90 (Macmillan, 1993).  Professor Barany is the co-editor of five other books and has published dozens of articles in academic and policy journals including Armed Forces & SocietyComparative PoliticsEthnic & Racial StudiesGovernment  & Opposition, Journal of DemocracyJournal of Strategic StudiesParametersPolicy ReviewPolitical Science QuarterlyPresidential Studies QuarterlySecurity StudiesSlavic Review, Strategic Studies Quarterly, and World Politics.

He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (New York) and the International Institute for Strategic Studies (London).


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