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Cristina Carusi

Assistant ProfessorPhD 2006, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa

Cristina Carusi



EUS 346 • History Of Greece To 146 Bc

36900-36915 • Spring 2014
Meets MW 1000am-1100am WAG 101
(also listed as AHC 325, C C 354D, HIS 354D)

This course covers Greek history from the fall of Athens in 404 BC through Greece's loss of independence to Rome some 250 years later--an era defined by the figure of Alexander the Great.Classes will focus on five successive periods: (1) the decline of Greece's independent city-states; (2) their subordination to a Greek-speaking Macedonia under Philip II and his son, Alexander the Great; (3) Alexander's conquest of the Persian Empire; (4) the resulting Hellenistic Age of Greek kingdoms in Egypt, Syria and Macedonia; and (5) Rome's absorption of both Macedonia and mainland Greece.The course will devote roughly equal time to covering major events and personalities, exploring key developments in culture and society, and examining the various types of evidence available for the era.  There will be two hours of lecture and one hour of discussion each week.

This course carries a Global Cultures flag.

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