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Daniel Birkholz

Associate ProfessorPh.D., 1999, University of Minnesota

Daniel Birkholz




            The King’s Two Maps: Cartography and Culture in Thirteenth-Century England

                        New York: Routledge Press (Studies in Medieval History and Culture, vol.

                        22), 2004. xxxiv + 254 pages. ISBN: 0415967910. Repr. 2005/paperback


Articles & Book-Chapters (selected):

            “Histoire Imparfaite: The Counterfactual Lessons of Harley 2253.”

                        Exemplaria: Medieval, Early Modern, Theory 27.4 (2015) [forthcoming].

            “Hereford Maps, Hereford Lives: Biography and Cartography in an English

                                    Cathedral City.”

                        Mapping Medieval Geographies: Geographical Encounters in the Latin West

                       and Beyond: 300-1600, ed. Keith D. Lilley (Cambridge UP, 2013): 225-49.

            “Harley Lyrics and Hereford Clerics: The Implications of Mobility, c.1300-1351.”

                        Studies in the Age of Chaucer 31 (2009): 175-230.

            “Biography After Historicism: The Harley Lyrics, the Hereford Map, and the Life of

                                    Roger de Breynton.”

                        The Post-Historical Middle Ages, ed. Elizabeth Scala and Sylvia Federico

                        (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2009): 161-89.

            “Mapping Medieval Utopia: Exercises in Restraint.” 

                        The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies 36.3 (2006): 585-618.    

            “The Gough Map Revisited: Thomas Butler’s The Mape off Ynglonnd, c.1547-54.” 

                        Imago Mundi: The International Journal for the History of Cartography 58.1

                        (2006): 23-47.

            “The Vernacular Map: Re-Charting English Literary History.” 

                                    New Medieval Literatures 6 (2004): 11-77.




             We Have to Invent Him: Harley Lyrics, Hereford Maps, and the Life of Roger de

                         Breynton, c.1290-1351.


              “Dying with Harley 2253: Last Lyric Things.”

                        “Captives Among Us: Harley 2253 and the Jews of Medieval Hereford.”




Recent Presentations and Invited Lectures



“Dying with Harley 2253.”

NEH Symposium on “Death & Memory,” Washington University St Louis, April 2015.


“Micro-Literary History in a Pre-Chaucerian Vein: Roger de Breynton Reads Harley 2253.”

Modern Language Association Annual Meeting, Vancouver, January 2015


“Captives Among Us: Harley 2253 and the Jews of Medieval Hereford.”

Medieval Writing Workshop, Boulder, CO., October 2014.


“Coincident Departures: Mapping the Expulsion in the Hereford Mappamundi & Harley 2253.”

The New Chaucer Society Bi-Annual Meeting, Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2014.


“Last Lyric Things, or, A Glimpse into the Hereford Plague Pit”

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Medieval Studies Seminar Lecture Series,

 March 2014


“Creative Non-Fiction and the Academic Medievalist.”

Medieval Writing Workshop, Madison, WI, September 2012


“French in Name: Counterfactual Medievalism and British Library MS Harley 2253.”

            UCLA, Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies/Ahmanson Foundation


            “The Future of the Past: History in the Francophone West,” February 2011.


“We Have to Invent Him:Harley Lyrics, Hereford Maps, and the Life of Roger de Breynton,”

            University of Wisconsin-Madison, Institute for Research in the Humanities, Feb.



“The Maps of Roger de Breynton.”

            University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), The Michigan Medieval Seminar, November



“Atlas of a Medieval Life: Biography, Cartography, Roger de Breynton, c.1290-1351.”

            University of California at Los Angeles, Center for Medieval and Renaissance

            Studies/Ahmanson Foundation Conference, “Mapping Medieval Geographies,” May



“Ye Goon to…Hereford?: Harley 2253, Regional Devotion, and England’s Other St. Thomas.”

            The New Chaucer Society Bi-Annual Meeting, Swansea, July 2008.


“Playboys of the West of England: Medieval Cosmopolitanism, Familial Love, and the Lyrics

             of Harley 2253.”

            The University of Minnesota, Department of English, March 2007.


“Harley Lyrics and Hereford Clerics: The Implications of Mobility, c.1300-1351.” The

            University of California-Santa Barbara, Medieval Studies Colloquium, February 2005.




Recent Undergraduate Courses

E 314L Honors (writing flag):

Reading Literature in Context [next offered: Fall 2015]          

E 316L (writing flag):

British Literature [next offered: Fall 2015]     

E 326K (writing flag):

Viking Literature [next offered: Spring 2016]

E 350E (Oxford):

Getting Chivalric - The Once & Future Middle Ages

[Summer ‘16]


E 336E (writing flag):

British Literature - Beginnings to Renaissance

E 361K (writing flag):

English Drama to 1642 - Performing Medieval Culture

E 376 (writing flag):


E 379R (writing flag):

Research Seminar - Fiction and Medievalism

E 679HA:

Honors Tutorial Course - Thesis Writing

UGS 303 (writing flag):

Signature Course: The Literature of Sport


Recent Graduate Courses

E 392M: France, England, and the Literature of the Hundred Years’ War [Spring 2015]

E 392M: Excluding Chaucer - The Alliterative Fourteenth-Century

E 392M: From Conquest to Plague - Lost Centuries

E 392M: Performing Medieval Culture

E 392M: Fictions of Medievalism

E 392M: Pre-modern Lives

E 392M: The Idea of England - Topography, Periodization, and Medieval Literary Study

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