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Karen W Kelton

Senior LecturerM.L.S., University of Texas at Austin

Karen W Kelton



EUS F340M • Continu/Chng In Mod France-Fra

82415 • Summer 2016
(also listed as F C F340M)

FR 340M is taught on the Summer Study Abroad Program in Lyon, France. It explores contemporary France and French cultural issues on a wide range of topics, from the concept of the State and its appropriate role to French attitudes toward the land and its products. Students visit major geographical, historical and architectural sites in Paris, Lyon, and on weekend excursions to the Beaujolais, the Alps, and Provence. The objective of this course is to develop an informed acquaintance with physical, historical, and cultural France.


Presentation of the course

We will prepare the excursions and visits in order to better understand the on-site visits in French. This preparation will include geography and history as well as pertinent vocabulary and concepts. In the time we devote to cultural analysis, our inquiry will begin with assigned readings and with observations that the participants bring to the classroom. The goal is to actively involve students and stimulate discussions and exchange.


Students will write blog entries of their reactions and discoveries about what they are experiencing. They will also work on a cultural topic of their choice on an independent project requiring a 3-4 page paper and a final presentation.


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Kelton, K., Blyth, C., Eubank, E., Munn, Y., Myers, L., Moore, W. & Delyfer, C. (2000, September) Tex's French Grammar: grammaire de l.


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