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Kurt Heinzelman

ProfessorPh.D., 1978, University of Massachusettes

Kurt Heinzelman



Research Interests: British Romanticism 1750-1850, Poetry and Poetics, Archives and Collecting, Modernism and Cultural Economics

Recent Publications:


Black Butterflies (poems). Mulberry Press, 2004.

The Covarrubias Circle, (editor) University of Texas Press, 2004.

Make It New: The Rise of Modernism, Ransom Center/ University of Texas Press, 2003.

The Halfway Tree (poems), Verser Press, 2000 (Natalie Ornish Prize finalist).

The Economics of the Imagination (Univ. of Mass. Press, 1980).

Exhibitions Curated

''Technologies of Writing,'' Ransom Center, February 2006.

''20 x 20: Twenty American Poets of the Twentieth Century,'' Ransom Center, 2004.

''Make It New: The Rise of Modernism,'' Ransom Center, 2003.

Selected Articles

''Rubbish and Aura: Archival Economics,'' Beyond Price: In Search of Cultural Value (forthcoming).

''Millenarial Poetics,'' Raritan (May 2000), 148-58.

''Poetry and Real Estate: Wordsworth as Developer,'' Southwest Review 84.4 (1999), 573-88.

''The Last Georgic: Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations,'' in Texts in Culture: ''The Wealth of Nations,'' eds. Stephen Copley and Kathryn Sutherland, Manchester University Press (England), 1995, pp. 171-94.

''The Uneducated Imagination: Romantic Representations of Labor,'' in At The Limits of Romanticism, eds. Mary Favret and Nicola Watson, Indiana University Press (1994), 101-24.

''Rhetoric, Economics, and the Scene of Instruction,'' in ''L'imaginaire economique,'' a special issue of Stanford French Review, ed. Philippe Desan, 15 (1991), 349-71.

''Roman Georgic in The Georgian Age: A Theory of Romantic Genre,'' Texas Studies in Literature and Language, 33.2 (Summer 1991), 182-214.

''Politics, Memory, and the Lyric: Collaboration as Style in Byron's Hebrew Melodies,'' in ''Beginning Byron's Third Century,'' special issue ed. Karl Kroeber, Studies in Romanticism, 27 (Winter 1988), 515-27.

''The Cult of Domesticity: Dorothy and William Wordsworth at Grasmere,'' in Romanticism and Feminism, ed. Anne K. Mellor (Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 1988), 52-78.

''Self-Interest and the Politics of Composition in Keats's Isabella,'' English Literary History 55 (Spring 1988), 159- 93.

''Williams and Stevens: The Vamshing- Point of Resemblance.'' Library Chronicle n.s. 29 (1984), 85-113. Rpt. WCW and Others. Eds. D. Oliphant and T. Zigal, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, Austin (1985), 85-113.

Selected Recent Poetry

''Escape Route'' and ''Ode to a Toaster,'' Borderlands 23, Fall 2004, 41-4.

''Sleeping with Dogs,'' Nimrod International Journal 46.2 (Spring/Summer 2003), 129.

''Sister Noire,'' Blue Mesa Review, #25 (2003), 231.

''Dancing With Who Brung You,'' RiverSedge, 13.2 (dated Spring 1999; published Spring 2001), 29.

''The Origin of Circles'' and ''Civilities in Time of Civil War,'' Notre Dame Review, 9 (Winter 2000), 57-9.

''The Eagle Owls at Crow,''The Marlboro Review, 7 (Winter/Spring 1999),46.

Journal Edited

(with Richard Jackson), The Poetry Miscellany. Williamstown, Mass., 1971-78.

Department of English in The College of Liberal Arts at UT Austin.

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