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Stephen A White

ProfessorPhD, University of California, Berkeley

Professor of Classics and Philosophy
Stephen A White



Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy, especially ethics, Plato, Aristotle, and Stoicism


My interests range widely across ancient philosophy from Aristotle to Zeno (the Stoic from Cyprus more than the Eleatic), and I have side interests in Greek tragedy (especially Aeschylus) and Hellenistic literature.  My teaching is concentrated in ancient philosophy and Greek language (both at all levels), and in Greek culture generally. From time to time I also teach Latin authors and Roman topics.  My research is centered on Aristotle and his associates but extends to many other areas, including early astronomy and Hellenistic philosophy. Recent publications include “Milesian Measures: Time, Space, and Matter” in the Oxford Handbook to Presocratic Philosophy (2008); “Stoic Selection: Objects, Actions, and Agents” in Ancient Models of Mind (2010); and "Philosophy After Aristotle" in the Blackwell Companion to Hellenistic Literature (2010).  My main current projects are a translation of Diogenes Laertius' Lives and Doctrines of the Ancient Philosophers (for CUP), papers on Parmenides, and a book on Aristotle's theories of pleasure.


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