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Tatiana Kuzmic

Assistant ProfessorPh.D., University of Illinois

Tatiana Kuzmic



EUS 347 • Slavs In Western Imaginatn

35623 • Spring 2016
Meets MWF 100pm-200pm WRW 113
(also listed as REE 325)

"Russians and Serbs and Poles, oh my!" -- Slavs in Western Imagination explores literary works and some popular culture items from Western Europe and North America that feature various Slavic characters in the roles of villain, rebel, romantic lover, manipulative marriage-wrecker, etc.  The course will address such questions as how the boundary between East and West came to exist within Europe (one historian argues that it pre-dates the Cold War by a couple of centuries), why, for example, the West has been obsessed with the idea that one of the royal Russian princesses (Anastasia) survived the communist purge, and what Sting meant in his song by "I hope the Russians love their children too."  We will cover some of the West's best-known literary classics as well scenes from HBO's Sex and the City where Carrie dates a Russian artist.

EUS 347 • Slavic Women's Writing

35657 • Spring 2009
Meets TTH 1100-1230pm CAL 323
(also listed as REE 325, SLA 324, WGS 340)

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Undergraduate Courses

Fall 2010 SC 312K Second Year Serbian/Croatian I

Course Description

This course continues to build the listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills acquired in S_C 506 and 507. We will review as well as expand basic grammar, increase vocabulary, and become more proficient in communication.

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