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Ian Manners

Professor EmeritusPh.D., Oxford University

Ian Manners



Dr. MannersIan Manners was born and educated in England. He received a First Class Honors Degree in Geography from Oxford University in 1964, and received his D.Phil., also from Oxford University, in 1969. After four years in New York, as an Assistant Professor of Geography at Columbia University, Manners moved to Texas where he has been Assistant, Associate, and Professor of Geography and Middle Eastern Studies. He served two terms as Director of the Center for Middle Eastern Studies and also served as Chair of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies. He has lectured and conducted research in Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Saudi-Arabia, and Turkey, and spent a year in New Zealand as a Senior Research Fellow at Waikato University working with the New Zealand Commission for the Environment.

Manners regularly teaches the Frontiers in Geography course for undergraduate majors. He has also taught Geography of the Middle East; Mapping the Middle East; Conservation and Resource Management; and History and Philosophy of Geography as well as courses for the Middle East Studies program.

Manners reserach intrests are conservation and resource management, urban cultural geography, and historical cartography. His most recent research explores the cartographic representation of the Middle East and the Mediterranean worlds from the Renaissance to modern times, and the ways in which maps have shaped both our geographical knowledge of the region and its particular spatial and political history. He is currently the curator for an exhibit on European Cartography and the Ottoman World for The Oriental Institute, The University of Chicago.

Selected Publications

Manners, I. R. 2007. European Cartography and the Ottoman World. Chicago: The Oriental Institute (forthcoming fall).

Manners, I. R. and Parmenter, B. 2005. The Middle East: A Geographical Preface. Understanding the Middle East, Edited by D. J. Gerner and J. Schwedler, Boulder and London: Lynne Reinner, 5-28.

Manners, I. R. 1997. Constructing the Image of a City: The Representation of Constantinople in Christopher Buondelmonti's Liber Insularum Archipelagi. Annals of the Association of American Geographers 87 (1), 72-102.

Manners, I. R. and A. Marcus, 1995. Istanbul: Portrait of a City. Austin, Texas: Texas Committee for the Humanities.

Manners, I. R. 1985. North Sea Oil and Environmental Planning: The United Kingdom Experience. Austin, Texas: The University of Texas Press.

Manners, I. R. and M. W. Mikesell (eds.). 1974. Perspectives on Environment. Washington D.C.: Association of American Geographers.

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