Department of Geography and the Environment

The Modern American City: Student Perspectives on Austin’s Urban Evolution

Wed, September 4, 2013
South Congress Collage by Cole McGarrahan
South Congress Collage by Cole McGarrahan

The Department of Geography and the Environment is proud to showcase student projects from 2013 summer course The Modern American City, taught by Robert Lemon. Students wrote about the drastic changes taking place throughout Austin's urban landscape, and were asked to apply geographic concepts from class to their own community. Students chose sites based on contemporary urban issues facing Austin and mapped the cultural, social, and economic processes shaping that particular place. Their findings are represented in a collage, as well as in the form of an essay that describes the transformation and/or texture of place. We invite you to explore Austin through the creative and analytical lens of our students. All of the student projects can be found on the the class blog “GRG 337: The Modern American City.” and more information about the course is listed on Robert Lemon’s website.


Plaza Saltillo: Place, Practice, and Growth by Emily Mixon









The Iron Bear: A Refulgent Magnet for the Central Texas Gay Bear Subculture by Alekcander “Sasha” Zhdanov










The Ever Changing South Congress by Cole McGarrahan










The Mueller Development: An Examination of Gentrification and Disneyfication in East Austin by Garrett Rogerson

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