Department of Geography and the Environment

Featured Graduate Student: Cody Schank

Fri, September 27, 2013

We are happy to welcome Cody Schank to the Department of Geography and the Environment. 

Cody Schank joins us from New Haven, CT, and was recently working as a Researcher with Yale University, and a GIS and Geospatial Research Officer at Global Wildlife Conservation. He has a M.A. in Urban and Environmental Planning and a B.A. in Environmental Science and Astronomy from University of Virginia. He works on geographic information, especially related to biodiversity for surveys and conservation planning.

He will be supported by a Harrington Graduate Fellowship while he is here. His Ph.D. research interests include: Biogeography, Phylogeography, Systematic Conservation Planning, Species Distribution Modeling, Remote Sensing, and Tropical Ecosystems. For more information, please visit his Graduate Student profile


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