Department of Germanic Studies

Dr. Vincent VanderHeijden to Present at the Texas Language Center

Tue, January 31, 2012
VanderHeijden Lecture
VanderHeijden Lecture

Intensive language teaching requires very responsive approaches to instructional design in order to optimize students engagement and learning. Thus, the second semester of a the Dutch language program is always informed by the experience of the first semester. In that light, this presentation will consider 3 dimensions of the Dutch language program at the University of Texas:

1) General background and context for Dutch teaching
2) Student responses to their first experiences with intensive language learning
3) Some new initiatives for this semester, including integration of Google+ and the principles of backward design.

This approach to planning and instruction introduces transferable standards-oriented learning with implications for beyond the the course’s final exam.

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Dr. Vincent Vanderheijden
Lecturer, Department of Germanic Studies
Wednesday, February 15, 2012
12:00 – 1:00 pm
SAC 1.106

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