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Xiaobo Lü

Assistant ProfessorPh.D., Yale University

Xiaobo Lü



Distributive politics of development; Chinese politics; comparative and international political economy


Professor Lü's research focuses on distributive politics of development and Chinese politics, as well as comparative and international political economy. Professor  is particularly interested in the politics of social spending and taxation, and their political consequences. His publications have appeared in the American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, Quarterly Journal of Political Science, among other academic journals. He received his Ph.D. degree in Political Science from Yale University in 2011.


GOV 322M • Politics In China

38790 • Fall 2014
Meets TTH 1100am-1230pm WAG 201
(also listed as ANS 322M)


Course Description:

This Course is designed as an introductory course in Chinese politics primarily for upper-level undergraduates with a good background in political/social science, but not necessarily any background on China. The aim of the course is to provide a foundation that will enable the

non-specialist to make informed use of China as a case in more general arguments and give the intended China specialist a solid footing from which to pursue more in-depth study of particular topics.


This course primarily focuses on domestic politics in post-1978 China. We start the course by introducing the key institutions and players in order to understand the distribution of political power in China. We then detail various forms of political participation by different individuals, which allow us to understand the political logic and consequences of policymaking and of selective policy issues in the China. We conclude the course by discussing the political reforms implemented in the last three decades and contemplating the potentials for future political development in China.



Six semester hours of lower-division coursework in government.


Course Requirement and Grading:


1.         Four quizzes on assigned readings.                                                                           15%

2.         First in-class midterm exam (Oct. 2):                                                                         20%

3.         Second in-class midterm exam on material covered since first midterm (Nov. 4):             25%

4.         Final (cumulative) exam (Dec. XXX):                                                                          40%


Course Materials:


The readings for this course are based on book chapters and articles. All the readings can be accessed through Documents on the Blackboard site for this class or online via our UT library website (




Lieberthal, Kenneth. 2004. Governing China: from revolution through reform. 2nd ed. New York: W. W. Norton.



Fewsmith, Joseph. 2013. The logic and limits of political reform in China. New York: Cambridge University Press.



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