Conference Handouts

Have you seen one of our presentations at a conference, but didn't get the handouts or presentations?  You can find them here!

Handouts are listed by the title of the session.

Africa Enslaved (download the curriculum unit here)
PowerPoint Presentation (6.2 MB)

Aswan High Dam (part of "People and Place")
PowerPoint Presentation (9.2 MB)

Bio-Diversity in Ecuador and the Galápagos (part of "People and Place")
PowerPoint Presentation (85.8 MB)

Central Asia Along the Silk Route
PowerPoint (without videoclips) - 8.1 MB
Video: GooGooSha "Round Run" (.mp4)
Video: Dschinghis Khan "Moskau"

Article: "Rediscovering Central Asia," Wilson Quarterly, Summer 2009. Short, readable article on Central Asia's past. 
Essay: "Exploring the Silk Route," Not Even Past, September 2013. Travel essay by CMES Outreach Director Christopher Rose.

Book: William Dalrymple, Return of a King: The Battle for Afghanistan, 1839-42. (The book mentioned during the presentation about Afghanistan).
Book: Islamic Central Asia: An Anthology of Sources. (This is the collection from which the primary document extracts were taken. Good primary documents here.)

Dams in Latin America: Effects on Humans and the Environment
PowerPoint Presentation (26.2 MB)

Festivals and Celebrations

As presented at Region VII ESC (12/3/14) - PowerPoint (with notes)


The Geography of Central Asia
Download everything at once: Central Asia Presentations

Or download one at a time:
Short Power Point (minus the Spice Activity) (6.6 MB)
Spice Activity Power Point (5 MB)
Spice Activity instructions and Bibliography
Spice Activity Worksheet (blank)

The Geography of Religion
Handouts (maps) (774 kb)
Maps of religious population distribution in the US by county using data from the 2000 census can be found at this Web site: http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/geo/courses/geo200/religion.html. There are many more maps (including ethnic groups, culture groups, languages, politics, and socio-economics) in this section of the same Web site: http://www.valpo.edu/geomet/geo/courses/geo200/usa_maps.html.

Introduction to the Middle East (also: Introduction to Southwest Asia and North Africa)
PowerPoint from NCGE 2012 and TCSS 2012 (4 MB - right clck on link (control+click on Mac) and choose "Save as...")
Pew Forum Report on the State of the World's Christian Population
Pew Forum Report on the Size and Distribution of the World's Muslim Population

Mapping the Islamic City
Handouts from "Mapping the Islamic City" (1.2 MB)

Mapping Our Worlds - as presented at Region VII Kilgore (12/3/14)



Restoring Women to World Studies
PowerPoint Presentation (664 kb)

Teaching with Primary Sources

That Pesky Standard: Teaching Islamic Extremism without Stereotypes
PowerPoint Presentation (1.9 MB)