History Department
History Department

Africa Conf.: Africa in World Politics—THREE DAYS

Fri, March 25, 2011

This is a three day conference from March 25-27, 2011.

The goal of this conference is to create an interdisciplinary dialogue concerning Africa’s contemporary and historical place in world politics. Africa is too often regarded as being on the periphery of the world political arena, when in fact the nations of Africa have played an important, although often tactically manipulated, role in global affairs.

What was Africa’s historical place in world politics? How did independence and the Cold War change this locality? What is Africa’s role today and what needs to be done to insure that the African voice is heard in international forums in the future?

For more information on this conference visit Africa in World Politics or contact Jessica Achberger and Charles Thomas

Sponsored by: Frances Higginbotham Nalle Centennial Professor in History, John L. Warfield Center for African and African American Studies, History Dept.

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