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Julia Ogden

MA, University of Texas at Austin

Julia Ogden



Lived experiences and ideas of childhood, youth and sexuality, gender norms, criminal law, and State Formation.


HIS 310L • Lat Am Civ: Natl Experience

39602 • Fall 2013
Meets MWF 200pm-300pm PAR 301
(also listed as LAS 310)

This course surveys the history of modern Latin America from Independence to the present, with a special emphasis on the ways in which gender functioned socially, politically and rhetorically, and how it impacted people’s daily lives. The class covers key moments and concepts including, but not limited to: Independence, Liberalism, state formation, the Mexican Revolution, Populism, US-Latin American relations, the Cold War, the Cuban Revolution, and Neo-liberalism. In addition to garnering an understanding of these historical trends, students will work to hone their critical thinking and writing skills through short papers, in-class activities, discussion, presentations and a cumulative final. This is not a traditional lecture course. It requires that students do the majority of the background reading outside of the classroom and that they actively participate in class throughout the semester.

John Charles Chasteen, Born in Blood and Fire. (Textbook)

Jose Vasconcelos, The Cosmic Race. (Selections)

Mark Danner, The Massacre at El Mozote: A Parable of the Cold War. (Selections)

Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, Facundo: Civilization and Barbarity. (Selections)Course Reader w/ selections from the following:

Laura Briggs. Reproducing Empire: Race, Sex, Science, and U.S. Imperialism in PuertoRico.

Rebecca Earle, “Rape and the Anxious Republic.”

Irene Rizzini. “The Child Saving Campaign.”

Nancy Scheper-Hughes and Carolyn Sargent, editors. The Cultural Politics of Childhood.

Diana Taylor, Disappearing Acts: Spectacles of Gender and Nationalism in Argentina’s    “Dirty         War.”


Map quiz (Required to pass the class)

Class participation and attendance (30%)

Three short papers (40%)

Cumulative Final (30%)

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