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Kody Jackson

B.A., Baylor University

Kody Jackson



Catholic History; Transnationalism; Business History; Social Movements; Psychology and Religion



If you actually made it this deep into the department website, congratulations!  You are either very lost or very determined, but either way I appreciate your time here.

Broadly, I am researching Religion in the Americas, more specifically the intersections between Psychology and Religion and the development of Charismatic Catholcism in the United States and Latin America in the 1960s-90s.  My current Master's thesis examines the tensions that arose within the U.S. Charismatic Movement in the 1980s.  I choose to do this by focusing on the Pecos monastery outside of Santa Fe, NM, a community that took a unique approach to the Charismatic Renewal.  Not only were these monks charismatic (i.e. displaying a special appreciation for gifts of the Holy Spirit like tongues, faith healing, and prophecy), but they also lived in close contact with female religious and the laity and, to top it all of, heavily emphasized Jungian dream interpretation.  Such practices eventually put these monks at odds with the more established (but still amorphous) center of the Charismatic Movement in the Midwest (Ann Arbor, MI and Notre Dame, IN) and eventually led to a Vatican crackdown on the monastery in 2005.

If you want to know anything else about me, the department, the university, or good old Austin, TX, just shoot me an email (if I don't respond, send another!).


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