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Maria Jose Afanador

Maria Jose Afanador



Colonial Latin American History, Enlightenment science, the history of economic cultures, political economy, trans-imperial geopolitics, digital humanities


PhD Candidate in History at the University of Texas, Austin. I am currently pursuing my research on the intersections between political economy, Enlightenment science, and territoriality since the creation of the viceroyalty of New Granada--comtemporary Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama-- in 1730, until the dissolution of the Gran Colombian republic in 1830.

I am currenlty developing a digital history project titled "Mapping History in New Granada, 1739-1830", an interactive visualization tool to navigate and analyze boundary changes, and the changing landscape of agriculture, mining, manufacture economies, and commercial communication networks in northern South America.

My previous studies include a major in Political Science obtained in 2004, and another major in History obtained in 2005 at the Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Amongst my publications, are, “Nombrar y representar. Escritura y naturaleza en el Códice De la Cruz-Badiano, 1552.” In Fronteras de la Historia, vol. 16-1, Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia, Bogotá, June 2011, and Naming and Picturing New World Nature. The Codice de la Cruz-Badiano(http://www.notevenpast.org/) May 2011, and “La obra de Jorge Tadeo Lozano: apuntes sobre la Ciencia Ilustrada y los inicios del proceso de Independencia", Historia Crítica (ISSN 0121-1617), Número: 34. Siglo XIX: sociedad, educación y poder, (2007), 8-31.

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