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Staff Merit Increase Policy

Policy and Procedure for Determination of Classified Staff Merit Increases 2007-2008

There will be a wide range of staff salaries in the College of Liberal Arts. This is not the result of inequity but rather a reflection of the levels of experience and the job markets for diverse specializations. Even in a staff that is excellent overall, some members of the staff will inevitably perform at a higher level than others. The standards and expectations for performance in the College are high. If the most productive individuals are to be rewarded with above-average merit increases, it is inevitable that others will receive below-average increases. A range of increases slightly above or below the mean for the College as a whole is to be expected.

To determine appropriate merit increases, each department must complete a Performance Evaluation and make a recommendation for merit based on each employee’s overall performance. For Senior Staff members, the Performance Evaluation should also incorporate the results of the Performance Summary that was completed by the Dean’s Office (see Senior Staff Merit Increase Policy (DOC) for more information). As a part of the annual review, staff salaries will be evaluated by the Human Resources Section for evidence of inequity and any necessary adjustments will be made within the budgetary resources available. Each salary should be a fair and equitable reflection of the performance and experience of the individual and the demands of the job market for that specialization and level.

Merit increases will be determined in accordance with the following principles and procedures:

  • Merit increases will be based solely on contributions and activities during the year preceding the review. It is assumed that previous contributions and performance were recognized in merit increases for earlier years.
  • To be eligible for a September 1 merit increase, employees must have a Performance Evaluation on file, have been employed in the college for at least 6 months as of August 31 and cannot have received a salary increase during that time. Performance Evaluations are due to the Dean’s Office by May 31 of each year.
  • Subject to University guidelines, March 1 increases are available for staff that were employed in the College on September 1 of the previous year, but were not eligible for a merit increase at that time. Anyone who has received a salary increase effective on or after September 1 is not eligible for a March merit increase. Requests for merit increases must be submitted to the Dean’s Office by March 1.  A recent Performance Evaluation should be submitted with the request.
  • Performance Evaluations and Performance Summaries will be weighted against the recommended merit increase to determine appropriateness of the request. Merit increase requests for employees whose overall performance is satisfactory will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Increases will not be awarded to employees whose overall performance is below satisfactory.
  • Recommendations above a percentage determined by the Dean or recommendations for no merit increase must be requested in writing and approved by the Dean.
  • Merit pools for ineligible employees and vacant positions will be held by the Dean’s Office to fund March merit increase requests.
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