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Applying to the Program

The first step to admission is the preparation of a proposal in consultation with the adviser. The proposal includes a program of courses in the form of a contract, and a letter to the program director defining the goals of the proposed plan of study and defending the coherence of the program. Several revisions of the proposed contract may be needed to bring the student's intentions and interests into focus.

The contract is an essential component of applying to the Humanities major.  There are two contract models that students may follow when composing their proposal: original and alternative.  Both formats require students to determine core areas of interest, while still drawing from multiple disciplines. 
Prior to the initial consultation with the Humanities adviser., consider research topics, themes, or questions that you would like to use as the basis for designing your Humanities major.  You may also compile a list of disciplines - within and outside of the College of Liberal Arts - that support your academic interests.  This information will allow you to begin building your contract.
Download worksheets for the original contract (pdf) and alternative contract (pdf), as well as the Humanities brochure containing sample contracts.