Centralized Business Services


Clients who wish to hire within their department should contact their departmental senior staff person for assistance. The information below is primarily intended to assist those wishing to hire within centers and other non-departmentalized units.

IMPORTANT: Do NOT commit to hiring or paying anyone before first requesting permission from CoLA Centralized Business Services staff and receiving confirmation that it is permissible for the specific individual or situation you have in mind. Federal and university regulations change frequently. It is important that a review be conducted before any commitment is made to ensure that employment is legally possible and does not violate any university policies. Per college policy, failure to obtain prior permission from our staff  in advance of hiring may result in you personally being responsible for paying someone for services performed.

Work-Study Students

Students may not be assigned to a position for more than 19 hours per week. Students may not work more than eight hours in any 24 hour period. Students may never begin their jobs prior to the start of the award period or continue to work after the award period ends.

Students must maintain at least half-time enrollment in regular UT coursework at all times (6 semester hours for undergrads in Fall, Spring & Summer; 5 hours for grad students in Fall & Spring and 3 hours in Summer).

For undergraduate students, the total number of credit hours plus the number of work hours for which a student is appointed per week cannot exceed 40. This includes all jobs the student may hold, on- and off-campus.

For graduate students, the number of credit hours a graduate student is registered for is multiplied by three. This number is then added to the number of hours worked per week. The final figure cannot exceed 56.

The Quantity of Work Guidelines do not change for the summer semester.

Some students are awarded Full-time Summer Work-Study employment. These students may not be enrolled in school at all during the summer and must work 40 hours per week for the term of the award.

By Federal regulation, Work-Study students must be paid at least once per month. Therefore, the Work-Study office accepts Monthly Earnings Statements without student signatures -- as long as there are supervisor signatures.

Graduate Students

Graduate students must be enrolled in 9 semester hours during the long semesters and 3 hours in the summer in order to be eligible for academic, student job titles.

Graduate students with academic appointments may only work up to 20 hrs/wk during their 1st and 2nd long semesters. They may work up to 40 hrs/wk during the summer. After the first 2 long semesters are completed, they may work up to 30 hrs/wk  during long semesters -- if the are domestic students. International students have to obtain permission from the International Office.

Enrollment requirements are waived during summer sessions for non-academic, student job titles.

A graduate student may not be assigned to an academic, student title for the long semesters and then a temporary classified or non-academic, student title for the same job later on in the summer -- in an attempt to get around the 3-hour summer enrollment requirement for academic titles. If job duties fall within the student's degree plan, the title should be academic. If a student with an academic appointment during the long semesters wants to work during the summer, the student  must be enrolled for at least 3 hours. Otherwise, the student cannot work during the summer.

There is only one exception by which a graduate student may be employed as a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) in the summer without being required to register for a minimum 3 semester credit hours. Summer session assignments as a GRA do not require course registration under the following conditions: maximum employment hours = 80; maximum total compensation = $2,500. If both conditions are met, then a faculty member may request an exception to the course registration requirement through the student's Graduate Advisor.

Academic Student Positions

To be employed as a Teaching Assistant (TA), Assistant Instructor (AI), Graduate Research Assistant, Tutor (Graduate), Academic Assistant, or Assistant (Graduate), a nominee must: Be a degree-seeking graduate student who is making satisfactory progress toward a graduate degree without existing conditional admission requirements imposed by the Vice Provost and Dean of Graduate Studies, remain registered for at least nine semester hours of course work in the long semesters (enrollment in three semester hours of course work is required for students holding summer appointments), and maintain at least a 3.0 graduate grade-point average.

Students appointed for a minimum of 20 hours/week in the 0071 Assistant (Graduate) title are eligible for health insurance and in-state tuition if they are assigned on a monthly basis for entire semesters (9/1-1/15 or 1/16-5/31). If the assignments are set up as hourly, the employee will not receive health insurance or in-state tuition.

In-state tuition is also called a Resident Tuition Entitlement. Additional information regarding rules and eligibility can be found on the Office of Graduate Studies website at:

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students must be enrolled for at least 6 semester hours during the long semesters in order to be eligible for student job titles. As long as the student plans to return in the Fall, no classes need to be taken in the summer in order to retain student employee status.

Non-Academic Student Titles

Students assigned to the Student Assistant, Student Associate, Senior Student Associate or Student Technician titles must be admitted to The University of Texas at Austin. Students (undergraduate and graduate) must be enrolled for no less than 6 semester credit hours for the fall and spring semester. Enrollment requirements are waived during summer sessions, but to be eligible for a summer appointment, you must have been enrolled during the previous spring semester. Work performed must be non-academic in nature (e.g. clerical, service, computer).

Students performing research related to their degree program must be appointed in an academic, student title. Students assigned to the High School Student Worker title must be enrolled as a high school student and be at least 15 years of age on the first day of employment. Students assisgned to the Non-Affiliated Student Worker title must be admitted to a university-level institution other than UT Austin and enrolled for at least 6 semester credit hours. Examples include St. Edwards, Texas State University, Huston-Tillotson, ACC. Students who have graduated from their high school or university are not eligible for student titles. Students who are enrolled only in extension courses are not eligible for student titles.

Non-academic student titles do not confer eligibility for Resident Tuition Entitlement. Students employed in these titles accrue state service. Students in these titles only are not eligible for insurance benefits. Students employed in these titles are not eligible for retirement contributions, holiday pay, longevity pay, or vacation/sick leave accruals. Students employed in these titles may be terminated at any time for misconduct, non-performance of job duties, or inability to perform job duties. Students are not eligible for leave without pay.

A student who graduates in May and wants to continue working during the summer should be assigned with a student title thru August 31st.