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There are occasions when departments require the services of individuals not employed by the university. These individuals are considered independent contractors and prior authorization for their services and fees is required. The type of service performed, the amount being paid, and the length of time that the services will occur determine the type of approvals and authorizations that are necessary.

Based on the information provided in the PSPQ (Professional Services Payment Questionnaire), your CBS team will determine if payment should be made by PBS, APS, contract, or TAR.

  • If services provided by an individual are to last more than two weeks, an assignment in HRMS may be appropriate. Please contact HR for more information.
  • If paying for services provided by a company, rather than an individual, please see the Purchasing section.

Booking Travel for Visitors

Departments and centers may wish to direct bill certain travel expenses to the university so that a visitor does not have to pay out of pocket. Airfare may be secured for visitors as long as the proper paperwork has been processed through one of the approved travel agencies. Visitors may also purchase their own airfare to be reimbursed upon the completion of their services, provided they keep the receipt (any confirmation or document showing proof of purchase).

Certain hotels and bed & breakfasts may also be direct billed to the department/center. Hotels hosting larger conferences may require a hotel contract to be completed beforehand.

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