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Shannon Speed, Director

Affiliated Faculty

NAIS is made up of a diverse group of dedicated faculty from a variety of backgrounds.  By cross-listing our courses, we are able to give students flexible courses on a wide range of topics.  Our professors are listed below.

Dr. Arturo Arias, Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Debora Bolnick, Anthropology

Dr. Steve Bourget, Art History

Dr. Erika Bsumek, History

Dr. Jorge Carnizares-Esguerra, History

Dr. Luis Carcamo-Huechante, Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. Matthew Cohen, English

Dr. James Cox, English

Dr. Maria De Fatima Wade, Anthropology

Dr. Susan Deans-Smith, History

Dr. Robert Dull, Geography and the Environment

Dr. Nora England, Linguistics

Dr. Patience Epps, Linguistics

Dr. Richard Flores, Anthropology

Dr. Patricia Galloway, School of Information

Dr. Seth Garfield, History

Dr. Virginia-Burnett, History and Relgious Studies

Dr. Kaushik Ghosh, Anthropology

Dr. Dorie Gilbert, Social Work and African and African Diaspora Studies

Dr. Julia Guernsey, Art History

Dr. Charles Hale, Anthropology and Latin American Studies

Dr. Steven Hoelscher, American Studies

Dr. Kimberly Jones, Art and Art History

Dr. Gregory Knapp, Geography and the Environment

Dr. Anne Martinez, History

Dr. Kelly McDonough, Spanish and Portuguese

Dr. John McKiernan-Gonzalez, History

Dr. Martha Menchaca, Anthropology

Dr. Robert Olwell, History

Dr. Domino R. Perez, English

Dr. Enrique Rodriguez-Alegria, Anthropology

Dr. Loriene Roy, School of Information

Dr. Shannon Speed, Anthropology

Dr. Pauline Strong, Anthropology

Dr. Brian Stross, Anthropology

Dr. David Stuart, Art History

Dr. Circe Sturm, Anthropology

Dr. Gerald Torres, Law

Dr. Alan Tully, History

Dr. Ann Twinam, History

Dr. Luis Urrieta Jr, College of Education

Dr. Fred Valdez Jr, Anthropology

Dr. Samual Wilson, Anthropology

Dr. Kimberly Tallbear, Anthropology

Dr. Sergio Romero, Department of Spanish and Portuguese 

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