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Professional and Leadership Development

On this page: Academic Approach + Tailored Services | Flexible Delivery 

Join us for one of our professional development programs and learn how to leverage the strengths of your human capital to solve organizational problems and encourage growth. 

Whether you are a business wishing to develop talent that understands people and successfully implement organizational change, or a governmental office seeking to promote innovation and create an entrepreneurial environment, we can design training programs that help you achieve your goals.

Academic Approach + Tailored Services

The UT Global Initiative, together with its member programs, creates customized programs to meet your organization's particular needs and equip your executives to lead. Our academic approach to leadership development helps participants continue to innovate, plan, and meet the challenges of the modern work environment.

Sample topics offered by UT Austin faculty include:

  • Developing Innovation Capability
  • Leadership and Change
  • Effective Engagement/Group Development
  • Leadership Communication
  • Building for Operational Dexterity
  • Innovation in Action: Austin as a Success Story
  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Environment
  • Technology Commercialization

All participants in our professional and leadership development trainings receive a certificate of completion from The University of Texas at Austin.

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Flexible Delivery

Our trainings can be delivered in Austin, Texas, online, or on-site at a host institution.

Austin-based programming allows you to build your team and expose them to the new epicenter of innovation in the United States.

Austin is a place where creativity and technology come together. Ranked by Kiplinger as “best city for the coming decade” and Forbes as “the second most innovative city in the United States,” Austin boasts one of the youngest, best-educated and most technologically savvy workforces in the nation.

All Austin-based classes can be supplemented by an exploration of Austin’s innovative business community and an in-depth investigation of what makes Austin thrive as an innovation magnet.

For clients who request in-depth training but cannot bring participants to Austin, UTGI can provide flexible options for delivering our services. In addition to in-person delivery, we incorporate a distance-learning component through which participants implement what they learn back in their own organization, gain feedback, and plan next steps.

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For more information or to request our services, please contact us.


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