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Teacher Training and Curricular Development

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The UT Global Initiative trains new and experienced teachers for the rigors of today's diverse classrooms. In our educational programs, the UT Global Initiative helps teachers develop deep understanding of content-specific methods and curriculum. Our instructional approach emphasizes real-world tools and techniques that can be quickly adapted and used by teachers in their classrooms. 

Our Services

    • Teacher training workshops
      • Delivered in person or via distance learning
      • Adaptable by content area
    • Replication of the UTeach-Liberal Arts teacher-training program at your university or college
    • Support systems designed to keep teachers in the classroom
    • Leadership training for secondary school principals and administrators
    • Curricular and standard design consulting

UTGI's teacher training services combine the expertise of the UTeach-Liberal Arts program and UT's Center for Teaching and Learning. The UTeach training model has received national recognition, and we are committed to providing high-quality, sustainable programs that enhance participants' classroom skill and professional development.

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From Theory to Practice

Our clinical faculty, master teachers with extensive classroom experience, connect theory to practice by integrating the following:

    • Student-centered learning
    • Strategies to ensure equitable instruction
    • Authentic assessment analysis and development
    • Pedagogically effective uses of a wide variety of technological tools

We work with local educators to best identify and assess areas in which targeted teacher training or curricular development will most improve teacher and student performance.

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Our program delivers quality pedagogical content based on local assessments and the educational, social, and cultural needs of our local clients. UTGI training modules can be delivered as stand-alone workshops, reordered to create different modules, and expanded or compressed to fit client needs. We work with each client's assessed needs and programmatic objectives to customize the  content, length, and style of our training presentations. UTGI teacher trainings may take place at a host institution, online, or in Austin, Texas. 

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For more information or to request our services, please contact us.

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