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Slavery & Sexuality Program

Unless otherwise noted, conference events take place at the AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center on UT campus, 1900 University Avenue, Austin, Texas 78705, at the corner of Martin Luther King, Jr., Blvd. and University Ave.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Room 204 (Ampitheater)

8:00-9:00am        Registration

9:00-9:20am        Welcome & Opening Remarks

                             Julie Hardwick
                             Director, the Institute for Historical Studies, and Professor of History
                             University of Texas at Austin

                             Alan Tully
                             Chair, the Department of History, and
                             Eugene C. Barker Centennial Professor in American History
                             University of Texas at Austin

                             Daina Ramey Berry
                             Conference Convener and Associate Professor of History
                             University of Texas at Austin
                             Leslie M. Harris
                             Conference Convener and Associate Professor of History
                             Emory University

9:20-9:30am        Break

9:30-11:30am      Session 1 "Regulating Sexuality and Slavery in the Legal Sphere"

                             Chaired by Jacqueline Jones

                             The Sexual Exploitation of Enslaved Girls and the Legacy of Slavery: What’s New?
                             by Wilma King

                             Sexual Reparations for Slavery
                             by Adrienne D. Davis

                             A Man, His Mistress, and Her Cow: Race, Class, Gender, and Bestiality in the Slave South
                             by Steven Deyle

11:30-12:30pm    Break. See Information page for lunch registration or a list of nearby restaurants.

12:45-2:45pm      Session 2 "The Slave Trade and the Value of Sexuality"

                            Chaired by Tiffany M. Gill

                            "He Was Sorry He Lost So Good A Chair": (De)-valuation and Death of the
                             Sexualized Black Female Body in the Seafaring World of Slavery

                             by Sowande’ Mustakeem

                             Why are Slave Women Worth Less?
                             by Trevor Burnard

                             Prostitutes, Wives, and Breeders: Feudal and Capitalist Temporality in Colonial
                             Cuban Visions of Female Slave Sexuality

                             by Kym Morrison

2:45-3:00pm        Break

3:00-5:00pm        Session 3 "Men, Masculinity, & Sexuality"

                             Chaired by Kali Nicole Gross

                             The Sexual Abuse of Black Men Under American Slavery
                             by Thomas A. Foster

                             Men, Women and Sexuality in Deep South Slave Communities
                             by Leslie M. Harris

                             Ruinous Affairs: Distressed Sexualities, Race and Cultural Scandal in Eighteenth-Century
                             Bridgetown, Barbados

                             by Marisa J. Fuentes

6:00-7:00pm        Reception, Garrison Hall portico at the west entry.  Map

                             Reception is free and open to public, but RSVP is required.
                             Please RSVP by Thursday, November 10 to Courtney Meador.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Room 203 (Classroom next to ampitheatre 204)

8:00-8:30am        Registration

8:30-10:30am      Session 4 "Seeking Sexual Autonomy Amid Enslavement"

                             Chaired by Elizabeth Clement

                             "Bound as fast in wedlock as a slave can be": Marital Love and Sexuality of the Enslaved
                             by Tera W. Hunter

                             Scenes of Subjection-Sites of Survival: Enslaved Women's Bodies, Sexuality,
                             and Freedom Laws in Maryland

                             by Jessica Millward

                             The Possibility of Pleasure: Black Women’s Slavery, Sexuality and Resistance
                             by Barbara Krauthamer

10:30-10:45am    Break

10:45-12:45pm    Session 5 "Feminist, Visual and Linguistic Approaches to Slave Sexuality"

                              Chaired by Jennifer M. Wilks

                              Towards a Black Feminist Epistemology of Gender and Slavery
                              by Jennifer L. Morgan

                              "Buck," "Pussy," "Angus" and "Wench":  Naming, Sexuality, and Personality in the Slave South
                              by Daina Ramey Berry

                               Ladies, Gentlemen, Slaves & Citizens
                               by Tamara J. Walker

12:45-1:00pm       Closing Remarks by Julie Hardwick, Daina Ramey Berry, Leslie M. Harris, and panelists

1:00-2:00pm         Break. See Information page for lunch registration or a list of nearby restaurants.

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