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Seth Garfield, Director GAR 1.104, Mailcode B7000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3261

General Questions

Does the IHS provide any financial support for the workshop/presentations?

We cover travel, lodging, meals, and some miscellaneous expenses of the paper presenter, including international guests.

I can't attend the workshop, but may I receive a copy of the paper?

On behalf of the presenters, the institute asks that paper requesters unable to attend the workshops contact the presenters directly. We ask this in the hope that it will allow the authors to have more control over how and to whom papers are disseminated.

Can the institute arrange for library borrowing privileges?

Yes, the institute will provide library cards for fellows and invited research scholars.

Is there any possibility of getting a study in the Perry-Casteneda Library?

Reservations for study rooms must be arranged directly with the Library. Please note that there is high demand for these studies.

What is the salary for the institute's junior fellowships, along with any other research stipends, etc.?

We will match salaries for fellows with jobs. For those who do not hold or have not held a prior appointment, we will offer a junior salary at the regular rate here which is $35-40,000, depending on qualifications besides Ph.D. in hand.

What is the teaching load, if any, for fellows?

There are no teaching responsibilities at the institute.

Is there a formal departmental affiliation?

Yes, the institute is housed in and run by the Department of History at The University of Texas.

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