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Seth Garfield, Director GAR 1.104, Mailcode B7000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3261

Fellows, 2013-14

Visiting Research Fellows

Carel Bertram
San Francisco State University
A Generation of Pilgrims: Fragmented by Trauma, Descendants of Armenians from Anatolia travel to Turkey in search of Wholeness

Leslie M. Harris
Emory University
Leaving New Orleans: A Personal Urban History

Ronen Steinberg
Michigan State University
The Afterlives of the Terror: Dealing with the Legacies of Violence in Post-Revolutionary France

Dominic Yang
Postdoctoral Fellow, Ph.D 2012, University of British Columbia
Writing the Exodus, Writing Trauma: Forced Relocation, Return, and the Politics of Chinese Mainlander Identity Formation in Taiwan

Internal Research Fellows

Benjamin Brower
The Force of Empire: Violence and Colonialism in Algeria

David Crew
Navigating the ‘German Catastrophe’ of 1945: How a war photographer and his pictures survived Total Defeat

Laurie Green
The Discovery of Hunger in America: The Politics of Race, Poverty, and Malnutrition

Tracie Matysik
Trauma and Affect: Spinozist Interventions in Modern European Theorizations of the Secular

Libby Nutting, Ph.D. Candidate in History
Andalusian Identity in the Early Modern Mediterranean: Morisco Families and Survival from Spain to Morocco, 1492-1700

Emilio Zamora
José de la Luz Sáenz, A Re-Examination of a Historical Figure from Texas

Visiting Research Associates

Joseph E. Hower
Postdoctoral Scholar, Ph.D 2013
Georgetown University
Jerry Wurf, the Rise of AFSCME, and the Fate of Labor Liberalism, 1947-1981

Carla Rahn Phillips
Union Pacific Professor in Comparative Early Modern History Emerita
University of Minnesota
Project title forthcoming

William D. Phillips, Jr
Professor Emeritus of History
University of Minnesota
Project title forthcoming

Lydia Pyne
Writer and Historian
Famous Fossils, Hidden Histories

Derek Sayer
Professor of History
Lancaster University
History of 20th Century Prague

Woodruff D. Smith
Professor Emeritus of History
University of Massachusetts, Boston
A Study of Respectability as a Global Cultural Pattern

Past Fellows and Affiliates

Downloadable list, 2012-13 (PDF, 37K)
Downloadable list, 2011-12 (PDF, 41K)
Downloadable list, 2010-11
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Downloadable list, 2009-10
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Downloadable list, 2008-09
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