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Seth Garfield, Director GAR 1.104, Mailcode B7000, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3261

Documentary film screening: "Art and the Community"

"For many of Taiwan's rural citizens, 'art' is a distant concept that has little to do with reality. They live far away from the urban areas where exhibitions and performances are held, and taking part in cultural activities simply does not seem feasible. In this light, the Chiayi County Cultural Affairs Department launched al initiative to bring art to the countryside. It invited artists to live in rural communities and collaborate with locals on artistic projects. During their stay the artists learned a little bit about the people and history of the communities, while exploring ways of working together to create art representative of the places they were staying. At the same time, local residents began to realize that art can be a way of life and an expression of their experiences. The achievements of the resident artists may not seem as grand as the large-scale events held in city venues, but the artists who have taken part in the program have certainly helped bring joy and a new artistic identity to their communities."

With post-screening presentation by Curtis Liang and Michael Lin, both of the Taiwan Center, entitled "The Cultural Evolution of Taiwan: From the Cold War to Democracy" which will highlight the importance of Taiwan-US relationship from the perspective of US cultural influnce on Taiwan during cold war.

No RSVP/registration needed for film.

Friday, April 19th
7:00 p.m.
Mezes (MEZ) room B0.306

Presented by the Taiwan Academy
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