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Cline Visiting Professor, Paul Farmer meets with students on April 22, 2013

Over 200 students attend Q&A session with Dr. Paul Farmer

Posted: May 3, 2013
Paul Farmer fields questions from students at the Texas Union

Paul Farmer fields questions from students at the Texas Union

"It was incredibly inspiring to have Dr. Farmer visit and speak to students. Part of GlobeMed's mission is to empower student leaders to be the next generation of changemakers. At UT, we do this in our weekly meetings where we discuss various global health issues to educate ourselves and strengthen our foundation of knowledge to be effective leaders. ... The acknowledgment and encouragement of our work from Dr. Farmer as student activists in GlobeMed and his investment in spending time genuinely speaking with all the students is truly a testament to his belief that we indeed have the potential in our generation to be emerging changemakers, or his "retirement plan" as he likes to say. To me, that is extremely motivating and humbling."

Michelle Truong, Human Biology/Spanish Literature Senior

External Co-President, GlobeMed at UT Austin
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