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Difficult Dialogues Courses 2013-2014

Fall 2013

UGS 303: Media, Gender Development, and Human Rights
Rebecca Bigler, Psychology

Shannon Cavanagh, Sociology

UGS 303: Gender in the Contemporary Muslim World
Sofian Merabet, Anthropology

UGS 303: Gender, Migration, and Rights
Naomi Paik, American Studies

UGS 303: African-American Women and the Struggle for Political Incorporation 
Tasha Philpot, Government

UGS 302: Immigration and Community Engagement 
Suzy Seriff, Anthropology

Spring 2014

UGS 303: Race and Public Policy in the US 
Rob Crosnoe, Sociology

UGS 303: Feminicides and Human Rights Activism in Mexico and Central America 
Héctor Domínguez Ruvalcaba, Spanish & Portuguese

UGS 302: Framing Sustainability
Gloria Lee, Art and Art History

Previous Difficult Dialogues Courses

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