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Panel Presentation
(l to r) Rev. James Forbes, Rabbi David
Saperstein, Dr. Betty Sue Flowers, and
Professor Mark Silk at the symposium
"Whose Faith? Which Morals? Religion,
Politics, & Values," April 13-17, 2005.

An occasional role of the Humanities Institute is to serve as a kind of intellecutual rapid response team by organizing timely public forums and topical symposia on issues and events of the day.

The Institute first assumed this role in November of 2001, a few months after its founding, when it put together a public symposium entitled "International Perspectives on 9/11 and the Current Crisis" that was attended by nearly four hundred people. Since then, the Humanities Institute has sponsored or co-sponsored a number of thematically or topically organized symposia on issues ranging from film and television representations of the American family, to the literary, film, and operatic renditions of Dead Man Walking, Sister Helen Prejean's death row ministry and anti-capital punishment campaign, to the relations between religion, politics, and values that were an important feature of the 2004 American presidential campaign.

For further information or questions, please contact the Institute at (512) 471-2654

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