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Kevin Cokley, Director 210 W. 24th Street , Mailcode E3600, Austin, TX 78712 • 512-471-3645

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"The Hill" Recently Published Dr. Cokley's Op-Ed on School Vouchers

"Parents should be able to choose to send their child to a private school even if there is very little evidence their child’s achievement will significantly improve. Of course parents have this right. The real question is should parents exercise it? And is there incontrovertible evidence that their child’s academic achievement will significantly improve by attending a private school? The answer to that question appears to be no."

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Dr. Cokley Writes Op-Ed About Next Steps for Ferguson

"The president of the Austin (Texas) Police Association denies the existence of institutional discrimination, reducing it to a few isolated cases of biased individuals who are eventually weeded out of law enforcement...My real frustration is I don't believe any amount of data will convince some people of the existence and pervasiveness of institutional racism. 

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Just Released, Dr. Cokley's Book "The Myth of Black Anti-Intellectualism" Read more about it.

Cokley's book

See Dr. Vohra-Gupta's Op-Ed, "States should use power to raise the minimum wage"

"To build a better future for American children, one of the most effective policy changes available today is raising the minimum wage to at least $10.10 and then indexing it to inflation so that American families can keep up with the rising prices of gas, food and housing...a raise in minimum wage to $10.10 would increase real income, on net, by $5 billion and pull about 900,000 families above the poverty threshold."

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